Sat, Apr 6 2019 - A Spring Hike Along Stone Mountain’s Cherokee Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Val, Jen, Jackie C, Pierre Aschenbroich, Meheret, John B, Jacie V, Troy Cross, Laura B, Sally M, Ken H, Anu Seam

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Write Up:

The hike started with almost perfect weather for hiking. We did introductions near Confederate Hall and started hiking in a counter clockwise direction. We hiked along the orange trail, connector trail, joining the green trail until it joined another orange connector trail connecting to the white trail or Cherokee Trail. We continued along Venable Lake until the trail retuned to the mountain, briefly stopping to enjoy the views of the Washington W Bridge and Grist Mill. As we approached the carving, we passed through an interesting gathering of people, then returned to the parking lot by another orange connector trail. While must members of our group were familiar with Stone Mountain Park, none had hiked the Cherokee Trail and had the opportunity to enjoy the parts of the park that this trail goes through and must did not know existed.

I would like to thank Val, Jen, Pierre, Jacie, and Troy for joining us on their first AOC Hike. Meheret thanks for your second hike and Ken for your third. I can’t forget to thank the rest of the group for how they welcomed these new hikers to our Club.