Sun, Apr 21 2019 - Easter Morning at Sope Creek (Paper Mill Road) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana, Joyce T.
Participants:Diana, Sara O, Alison Rhodes, Joyce T., Karin, Luz Maria, JE, John B, Molly B, Brian S, Shana, Marina, Youri Smeshko, SusanF, Lixia, Li Wu, Marie-Felixe D-McLetchie, Freda W

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Write Up:

What a gorgeous Easter morning! Some people celebrated in church; we chose the woods where we see all of God's creations with every step we took.  

The trails were muddy after our heavy rains last night - - and poison ivy is growing everywhere - - but the woods were beautiful and the exercise refeshing on this chilly morning. The pace was on the fast side of moderate, so we clocked in around 6 miles despite the rest stops and pause at the ruins.

We ran into Oscar's group of hikers as they were coming up from the ruins. They were captured in a few photos.

We welcomed some brand new members to the AOC (Freda and John), some relatively new members (Lixia, Wu, Brian), and some returns from the past (Shana, and Sara). ~ Joyce