Thu, May 23 2019 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., mike hirschmann, Bunnie, Linda H, Barry Polon, DavidV, Val, Michael S, John B, Doug, Suzanne, Steve F, Jeff Gimpel, Larry S, Casey, Dan R, Dan C, SusanF, Memphis Russ, Silvia B

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Write Up:

Carol couldn't co-lead today's hike so we were on our own; but this group of vets know the trails by heart, they know what to expect, and they come prepared (with only minor complaints about the heat). 

There was an interesting challenge to the top of the warm-up hill this morning, with four guys set on beating little Susan to the finish. David V. made an early assault on the hill which turned out to be a mistake. Susan's steady pace and her last minute "run" left poor David and the other three in her dust. Ah, well, guys . . . there's always next time.

There was a little confusion about this hike being our Anniversary Hike, so Bunnie baked chocolate cookies for the occasion! That hike isn't until next Thursday, so our folks were treated to an unexpected post-hike treat. (Thank you, Bunnie! They were delicious!)

Hopefully all of you who can make our special hike next week are now registered. The North River Tavern manager has promised us 6 orders of their famous onion rings as gratitude for our five years of patronage. (If you'd like to join us for a D-Zero lunch, let me know so I can alert the NRT to how many folks will need seating.) ~ Joyce