Thu, May 30 2019 - Five Years of Thursday Morning Hikes at Island Ford!! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Carol, SusanF, Dan R, Doug, Memphis Russ, Bunnie, Shirley N, Larry S, Suzanne, DavidV, Barry Polon, Linda H, John B, Dan C, mike hirschmann, Lyn S, Bob S, Michael S, sandyguy, Steve F

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Write Up:

Five strong years!!!  Who would ever think that a group of hikers would continue on the same hike, same day, same time  and same restaurant for five years?  Suzanne, Doug and Joyce were the original founders of this hike and within a five month period, there were about another five "regulars!!"  Everyone was at the hike on time so even with all the picture taking and rest stops due to the heat, we still managed close to 5.5 miles.  And it was a HOT one!!!  Fortunately, everyone was prepared and had their fluids present.  After the hike, 23 of us went to lunch at the North River Tavern - a record!  We had several D0 hikers; one of whom was Michael March,  another first timer on the original hike.  North River helped us celebrate by giving us free onion rings as an appetizer.  Barry brought treats from a bakery in Johns Creek.  And Joyce brought a beautiful cake and an assortment of rocks for us to choose from.  She also had  a homemade special paperweight for Chris, the manager of the North River Tavern (who has also been around for five years!).  Thanks to you all for celebrating this momentous occasion with us:)  ~ Carol