Mon, May 27 2019 - Early Morning Hike at Riverside Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Li Wu, Lixia, Kathy F., Kathy B, Yan, Marge, Heidi W., Thomas W., Suzy Mcdonald, Edmund Chaney, Liz B., Ray S, Jeanne S, DavidV, Shyamala, Diana, Gloria Colley, Smitha

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Write Up:

It was a great morning with a lot of sunshine and the temperature just starting to get hot. Introductions were done at the restrooms. We then followed the trail down river stopping briefly to observe the sights. We stopped at the location I had taken the picture of the eagle in the event write-up -- unfortunately there were no eagles today. Upon reaching the parking lot at the end of the boardwalk we turned around returning to the parking lot where we wished each other a happy Memorial Day.

David, Li, Lixia, Yen, and I did an extra mile and a half enjoying the view of the river.

I would like to Dijana, Kathy B, Kathy F, Marge, and Yan for joining us on their first AOC Hike. Suzy your ninth and Li your tenth. As for the rest of the group tanks too, I only mention the first ten hikes.

This link is to the Facebook pictures. If you have any problems viewing the pictures let me know.

Mike C