Thu, May 2 2019 - TNT Edition : Big Creek Greenway Bike Ride - Dos Marconi (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, Melissa T, RoadieGirl, Dan C, Kerry, Brent

Write Up:

When a Dos turns into a TRES or a CUATRO (if you're Dan) you can bet you're on a ride with what a beautiful day for some miles..we just didn't want it to end! We had a great group out there tonight + a newby in the form of a triathlete, Melissa (good luck next week in Panama City's 70.3), welcome to the AOC. Just a bit of info: highest cycling average speed w/AOC to date (according to my Strava data). Free AB's at Lucky Burgers are best...even if they close at 9:30!!

G'WAY PRO TIP OF THE DAY: Give a compliment to a child that's wearing a helmet - it will give them the "I'm cool becasue I have a cool looking helmet on" attitude, that makes them WANT to wear their helmet, instead of "having" to wear a helmet!