Mon, May 6 2019 - 24 Gun Trail at Kennesaw Mountain (Beginners Welcome) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Trena, Joyce T., Bob G, Linda H, Shirley N, Evy, Rocky M, Marianna, Gayle, Bill C, Dan R, Linda C, Ryleigh Reinhard, Val, Gerrilyn, Neil, Jennifer W, James H., Claudia, Patty, Bill Lohmeyer

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Write Up:

We couldn't have asked for a prettier, feel-good day than today to celebrate Dan's 400th AOC event. And he got to 400 events in just short of 3 years with the AOC. That's a lot of hiking! Linda brought cupcakes (hauled on ice all the way from the overflow lot) to put a bit of icing on the celebration (pun intended). 

The air remained on the cooler side throughout our hike, so that we hardly broke a sweat in the 5 mile hike.  

Ryleigh's dog, Aubie, Gerrilyn's "grand-dog," Sam, and Trena's Summer made it a triple canine event! All the dogs were completely well-behaved and a pleasure to have along for the hike.

Two small snakes were spotted during the hike . . . both harmless. They were small, so it looks like snakes have been hatching out lately.  

Congratulations, Dan! You'll be hitting 500 before the end of the year at this rate! ~ Joyce