Sat, May 18 2019 - Sweetwater Creek White and Red Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Claudia, Rocky M, Sandy R, Kristina C., Marie-Felixe D-McLetchie, David W., Helena, Beth K, Aaron Lee, Mike C, Emanuel Jones, Dom, Margarita R, J D Smith, Lisa G

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Write Up:

It was a great morning with a lot of sunshine and just the right temperature for a hike. We did introductions at the Parking Lot. Then followed the white trail without incident until we came to the red trail. Shortly after reaching the red trail we discovered that the last two steps down the hill had been washed out due to recent rains leaving about a 30-inch drop. Thanks to the help of Emanuel we were able to get everyone down. The fun did not stop with this. Further down the trail we discovered the first step up the next set of stairs had also been washed away, leaving about a 20-inch step to the first remaining step. Once again, my fearless group of hikers overcame this obstacle. After the trials of the red trail we reached the New Manchester Mill Ruins and the white trail returning to the parking lot.


I would like to thank Dominic, Margarita, and Sandy for joining us on their first AOC Hike. Elizabeth and Jacqueline thanks for joining me on your second hike and Emanuel and Lisa thanks for your third hike. Finally, Kristina for your fourth hike.

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