Wed, May 15 2019 - Weekday Greenway Leisure Bike Ride/Beginners Welcome (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisbelle C
Participants:Lisbelle C, Gerrilyn, Tanya H, Michael H, Michael Cifelli, Theresa Mitchell, Susan Gonzalez

Write Up:

The AcuWeather radar was accurate.  There was some rain between 5-5:30 pm but it cleared comepletely by 6:00 PM.  The sun came out and we had the perfect relaxing weather.  It was as relaxing as I was hoping for.  My motto is "we get there when we get there".  Thanks to the participants by looking after each other during the ride.  I feel a good connection amongs the group.  I'm looking forward to another bike ride.