Sat, May 25 2019 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow, Red and White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, John B, Ann, Ryleigh Reinhard, Bill, Donna G, Luz Maria, Ping, Mark P, Shana, Bonnie Bobbitt, Christa

Write Up:
Had some pretty warm temps Saturday, but we were shaded for most of the hike. We received some wind towards the end of hike around Jack's pond. It was a good hike - couple of hikers got a closer look at the trail but they got up with out any mishap. One hiker had to call it quits! ( shoes were not cooperating) Break those shoes in!! Luckily we were at Sweetwater V/C . The park gave us some new blazes for the trail. Everyone downed fluids at one of the many stops that we took. I really liked the quiet hike that Luz and I experienced on the part of Jack's bottom.That is where the branch runs with the sandy trail. Ping is ramping it up for her training for Monte Picchu. Hope Steve T is feeling better and will get back on the trail soon. Found a tick on Rufus our official Sweetwater Park trail dog! The bathrooms are finished on the North end of parking lot. I'm very excited about my new hike at The East Palisades on the 8th! Kennesaw 10.0 next Saturday. ( no running ahead! ) Remember its HIKING. Did not see any of the east side pigs.