Sat, Jun 8 2019 - East Palisades--Creek, Figure 8 Loop (Whitewater Creek Entrance) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Suzanne, John B, Molly B, Mark Nuhfer, Dave G

Write Up:
We started this hike on a serene note, but little did we know what was In stored for us ! Yes the weather radar showed some showers coming in later around the first hour or two into the hike. I decided to carry on this event, hell or high water... careful what you say Chuck R! Just before the Bamboo Grove it started to get dark enough for us to use a head torch. The super cell was on top of us, the skies opened on us with high winds and strikes of lightning ( one striking a tree) out of the West. We immediately started looking for shelter, luckily we found a huge over hanging boulder from off the Palisade. It was bone dry, also a good climb! Before we all entered,I checked for other little critters that might be getting out of the weather too. The storm went out as fast as it came in. After the storm we noticed how the trail started to change. All the small creeks and stream branches were powerful forces of water Including the trail. The Shoals grew louder, the Hooch was raging ,welcoming me to my first East Palisades event! These hikers were by my side all the way! Thanks guys for hanging with me on breaking in this new trail. I know this Park for some of you other hikers are very familiar and sometimes ho - hum. I always said every hike is a new hike for me whether I've been there or not. On this day the forest was not your casual in town hike, only a rocks throw from Vinings. This turned into a Wilderness trail that had teeth! But we all came out safe with another memory stored of a good hike. I did see some bad trail erosion on the River trail around Dog Beach. We would like to welcome Mark N to the club. John B is showing great skills on the trail! I would like to thank Armin again for passing the torch to me on this wonderful trail.