Mon, Jun 17 2019 - Monday Morning at Sope Creek - Beginners Welcome (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Trena, Joyce T., Holt Ward, Bob G, Xabier, Shirley N, Gerrilyn, Kengel, Marianna, regina k, Linda H, Dan R, Bill C, James H., Dan C, Sandra a.k.a (Hellraiser), Val, Dave P, Linda C, Silvia B

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Write Up:

What an overwhelming celebration of my 1800th AOC event today - - recognition of something I do because I love it so much! Trena made an 1800 sign, Shirley cut huge foam numbers and made small signs, Sivlia's daughter (Carli) painted a beautiful rock for me, Dan R. and Linda C. made a "cool fan," and Tracy and Regina brought me flowers and a special bottle of one of my favorite drinks! For after the hike, Linda H. made cookies and brought cupcakes, Trena brought popsicles, and Dan. C. contributed a huge bowl of cut watermelon! It was an extravangant event, and I was really touched by the outpouring of so much love. I feel a bit odd to be thanked for what I do for my own happiness. I wouldn't have reached 1800 events if I didn't enjoy hiking with this group of people.

The hike itself was hot and humid today. Trena added a little distance to the hike, so we ended up going over 6 miles. The cool popsicles, watermelon, cupcakes and cookies really the spot when we returned to the parking lot. 

Thanks, everyone, for making today extra special for me! ~ Joyce