Tue, Jun 25 2019 - West Palisades Beach, Creek and Ridge (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D
Participants:Allen D, Joyce T., Bunnie, Allan, Indira Pryor, Bette, Jeff Gimpel

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Write Up:

Our smallish group had a nice tour Tuesday of West Palisades. Everyone compensated well to the moderate heat and high humidity. Welcome to recent AOC member Indira, who breezed along the trails.  She has a great future of hiking exploration, maybe even some trail running!

Thanks to everyone for their persistence as we explored the trails and did a little scrambling. Water was indeed high today, and it cut off our shoreline route south of the bathrooms

Thanks to Jeff for picking up litter in the parking lot after everyone left!  200 Bonus Points!

Joyce posted some great pictures of arachnids and wasp homes and mushrooms, as well as the people--Thank you.


These trails are looking washed out and gullied.  Needing some work to get the streaming water off the treadway, and a big blowdown on the ascent from Rottenwood Creek.  We saw a lot of rotted out waterbars, and some of the new ones still were bypassed by water flow. Gimme a small excavator to create some water diversions!  Trail reroutes may be in order.  The new trail from the parking lot needs a little work for strategic drainage before it gets gullied.

There is a nice stone waterbar near the bottom of one trail, and it has held up well and is still diverting water.  Stonework rocks, and never rots! 

One ridgeline signpost has rotted off , so that path to the river is hard to find.

I pounded down two relic pieces of rebar this week. They are trip hazards, and easy to remedy with a carpenter's hammer.