Sun, Jul 21 2019 - Kennesaw Battlefield Park Loop / No Mountains (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Tim, John B, Alan Seitman, Stephanie P, Nur, Tricia S., Shyamala, STACEY T, Rick G., SallyB, Bob S, Gail C, Bob Schindelholz

Write Up:
Our day started out with 14 fabulous hikers! Weather was in complete cooperation for Kennesaw standards. I was glad to meet some new hikers and some of them were stepping up their game. Most of the trail had a soft step, there were a few exceptions. We kept a tight line throughout the hike, rock hopped Noses and did a great assault on Hardage Mill! The field crossings gave us a majestic view of the west side of the Mountains in with black eye Susan's dotting the landscape. This was a hike that gave folks who wanted to move themselves from a D-2 D-3 on to a 4. It gave me full enjoyment to share their accomplishments, something I don't see much in the higher D levels. We would like to welcome Nur to the club and thank John B for keeping count on the group. Shout out to Shyamala for her first D-4. We all had a great day - looking forward to more hikes like this one.