Sun, Aug 4 2019 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow, Red and White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:John B, Ryleigh Reinhard, Suzanne, Dave G, Nur, HK, Anusha, Steve T, Chuck R, Anu Seam, Romy

Write Up:
Our morning started out with some rain, so we took our briefing under the overhang at the Visitor Center. Once briefed we got the Ok from John B ( the group meteorologist) to proceed with the hike. It was only a light rain which gave great colors to the woods and lowered the temps. We had the trail to ourselves for most of the morning. The group worked as a team, keeping a tight line with quick collecting at most stops. Dave G had a sharp eye on the rear and alerted the front about two hikers struggling on the red trail rock outcropping. ( also a junction was coming up for the two). There are some hikers in this group who can test themselves for some low D-5s ... John B, Harry K,Nur, and Romey ( you can always use me for reference). We didn't get to hike with Tim D on this event. Want to wish a happy birthday to Dave G - what a great way to celebrated it!