Sun, Aug 11 2019 - Three Forks Waterfalls (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Tony C, Nancy L
Participants:Tony C, Nancy L, Mary T, Mark W, Brian, Maithy, Melissa M, Armin, Marlene, HK, Mark P

Write Up:

We had a wonderful time at Three Forks today.  The hike had some some challenglng climbs, and of playing in the water felt so refreshing on a hot summers day.  Several of us went to see the slot canyon on Holcomb Creek, and Armin & Mark W jumped off the top of Singley's Falls into the swimming hole below.  

There was a yellow jacket nest right off the trail, and a couple of our group was stung, but thankfully, no bad reactions.

What a magical place Three Forks is, and we hope to return another day very soon...