Sun, Sep 1 2019 - Kennesaw 10.0 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Tim, Roman C, Michelle C, Armin, Gary 'L', John B, Tricia S., mark mattke, Vanita K

Write Up:
We had a good hike Sunday, breezy at the tops. We did the usual Kennesaw dance ... front takes off and the slow ones are behind. I had some folks graduating today from their D-3s and 4s into a 5. I put a lot of attention on the rear in order to make this happen. I put a duration of 4 hours 15 minutes on this event and it took every minute for some to accomplish this hike. Even though Kennesaw 10.0 is a low D-5 the layout of the area is pretty tough especially on novice hikers trying to get there badge ( especially in summer). Anyway, I wish them the best to carry on into the D-5 conundrum if they choose to or maybe not. All hikes are different ... terrain, weather, elevation, distance, and PACE! Want to welcome back Roman and Melle - they are a fun couple to be with on the trail. Congrats to John B and Vanita on their first D-5 hike. Still concern about the conifer devastation, especially around Pigeon Hill.