Sun, Aug 11 2019 - Hike Mount Yonah and Pink Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Victor, Joyce T.
Participants:Victor, Allen D, Bunnie, Jim, Lisa W, Kirby, Joseph Wang, Beth Ash, Joyce T., Jeff Gimpel, Linda H

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Write Up:

The photos at the top of Mt. Yonah were taken by Linda - - because I never made it to the top. Heat, dehydration, and fatigue were just too much for me, so I rested at the campground, a little distance from the very top. The trail down was much easier!

Pink Mountain was covered in poison ivy, so thick that it was impossible not to hike through huge sections of it. We all knew what our first chore would be upon arriving home - - throwing our clothes in the washing machine and taking a shower, scrubbing up well!

Victor did a fine job leading the hike to the top of the two mountains!  ~ Joyce