Sun, Apr 25 2004 - Upper Whitewater Falls to Lower Whitewater Falls (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Bruce, Vani Duddilla, Natalie Walker, Don Norton (Chicken Feathers), , Marnette Bowen, Millie, Steve DeMarle, Mike Wiegert, Jim K, Michael Aubertine, Maria Laura Locatelli, Kang Wang, Annie Plessinger, Justin Ziegler, Lori McCutcheon, Nathan Tucker, Tanya Uherka, Kyle D. Barrow, Hashim Abdi, Kristin De Stefano, Melissa Shure, Michelle Halley, Bill Schmalz

Write Up:
With the exception of the most no-shows in all my events, the day went great, with excellent comfortable temperatures, a nice breeze, beautiful wildflowers and beautiful waterfalls. After coming up several people short at the park and ride we left a little after 8:45am, and onto our trailhead up I-85 north to Highway 11 north in South Carolina. We arrived slightly after 11:00am, when we were supposed to meet four more people at the Whitewater Falls parking lot. We met two, but were joined later on the trail by Nathan, who thankfully found us at our lunch spot, and joined us the rest of the hike. Three ladies left our group, to get back early, including nurse Lisa (whos last name I don’t have)-who dressed a wound I got in a fall early in the hike (thanks again-sorry to have so much trouble with the name of woman who dressed my first major trail wound). From our lunch spot at Whitewater River, the remaining eleven of us hiked to Lower Whitewater Falls, and enjoyed another nice sit down and rest on the wooden viewing deck before our good workout back out of the valley from the falls. We continued in the walk by the river and up the long ascent out of the Whitewater Gorge. I was happily relatively unaffected by my allergies today and made it out pretty well, letting most pass me to take breathing breaks on the many stairs on the final ascent to the parking lot. Most decided to go home early without dining, and several of us went on a tour of closed restaurants in Walhalla, SC (changed their hours of operation), Tonys on Highway 11(had no Sunday hours); and finally four of us came to rest at a Subway off of I-85. The food was delicious; just because it was real food. Special thanks to Justin and Annie my carmates for the good music, up and back; including my birthday request-Stone Temple Pilots; it was great icing on the birthday week cake I enjoyed all week (Snowbird Mtns. Backpack last weekend, canoe trip Saturday and this hike today with another good crowd) Thanks to all who took part for being part of a great day in the beautiful outdoors.
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: none