Mon, Sep 23 2019 - Vickery Creek - Starting at Groveway Community Park (Beginners Welcome) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Joyce T., Trena, Rocky M, Shirley N, Claudia, Wendy B, Dan R, Gloria Colley, Bill C, Dan C, Bob G, John B, Carolyn Naser, Evy, Daniel M, Bruce P, Casey, Marianna, Pete, James H.

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Write Up:
Well, it happens . . . and it happened (again) today. On my way (early) to my 10:30 hike, only to get a text - ??? Where are you? So I arrived just a bit late for my 10:00 am hike! The group picture, taken by Rocky of course, show a very exasperated bunch of hikers checking their watches. How clever (and funny) is that? I love it!

The hike was great, as they always are . . . except that a group of 5 of us got a little behind and lost track of the rest of the group. No problem. We figured out the quickest way to get back to the parking lot and actually beat the others by almost five minutes! Plenty of time to get our gear in our cars and be ready for the popsicles Trena brought.

Lots of opportunity to make lemonade out of the lemons. ~ Joyce