Tue, Oct 1 2019 - Pine Mountain -- East and West sides, Forge and Peak (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D
Participants:Allen D, Pat M, Shirley N

Write Up:

Dear Shirley and Pat,

       Thanks for coming out today. It was a tough day, and I've confirmed it qualifies for a D4, but I can't upgrade it after the fact.  

     Here's the write-up I posted on FaceSuck.

Pine Mountain has at least two species of pine: Virginia (short needles) and loblolly (long needles). about 1/10 mile from the parking lot is a nice gateway, with one of each on opposite sides of the trail. They have different bark patterns too, and both are getting killed off by the bark beetles. Another dominant tree is the Chestnut Oak, which has signs next to several hardy sentinels, including the iconic example just past the summit. This unprecedented hot and dry spell must be taking its toll as well.
Shirley, Pat and Allen kept a steady pace on a humid day, clocking 8 miles and 1,500' of climbing for a tough D3. We added some extra distance to make driving through traffic worth it. Lexi the hound was always playful, yet settled into a good pace without yanking too much, except when an unruly grey squirrel ran past.
A satisfying day!

And photos are here.