Sun, Oct 20 2019 - Sunday Hike Island Ford Twice (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Victor, Joyce T.
Participants:Jorge S, Victor, Shelley, John B, Mike M, Bill S, Alison Rhodes, Luz Maria, Joyce T., Rick G., Gary Hubert, Amy

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Write Up:

We started the hike in overcast skies but finished in bright sunshine, without a drop of rain lingering from yesterday's storms. The trailswere a bit wet, but there was very little mud. We saw a turtle and we passed a yellow jacket nest on the lollipop loop just past the Robert's Road little trail that parallels 400. Victor got stung twice on the hand, but the rest of the group made it safely past.

We welcomed Amy to her second AOC hike and Estelle to her first! ~ Joyce