Tue, Oct 22 2019 - (Short Notice) Roswell’s Vickery Creek Covered Bridge & (optional) Nearby Mediterranean Lunch with $5.50 Wraps! & A Tasty Beverage! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Memphis Russ, Steve F, Bonnie R, Jan T, Larry S, DavidV, Bette, Carol, Jose F., Gerrilyn, Joyce T., Shirley N, Suzanne, Silvia B, Mary Reed, Jeff Gimpel, Dave S

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Write Up:

WoW!  Another beautiful day, after a showery morning.  Jeff ran down the hill to complete our 17th Creek hiker group.  Thankfully, our Joyce volunteered to co-lead & take some photos of us hiking.

1st, we went down to be amazed at the turbulent creek waterfall.  Then, as we descended below the covered bridge, to our amazement, there was a geogous Great Blue Herron!  She posed right there for our viewing, as if she knew we were admiring her beauty!  Then, we put some milage in around to Riverside Rd., over to Grimes Bridge, & then back to the other side of the falls.

10 of us headed over to enjoy that wonderful Mediterranean food at Samad's Grille with a few sodas & frozen suds!!  Most importantly, iced with simply amazing conversations!

We are truly blessed, Americans!  Ya'll come back, soon!