Sat, Nov 16 2019 - Warwoman Trail/Pinnacle Knob (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D, Carol
Participants:Carol, Matt, Bunnie, Allen D, Linda H, Debra W, John B, Suzanne, Suzanne, Dave G, Luz Maria, Jose F.

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Write Up:

Saturday, Warwoman Trail/Pinnacle Knob proved to be an incredibly gorgeous hike.  The falls were flowing, the water trickling, and the trails quiet.   We saw the last of the fall colors as most of the leaves had fallen with the recent rain.  We came across numerous trees that we either had to climb over or climb under that I don't recall in the past but overall, the trail was in great shape.  Thanks to all that came:)

Allen's addition:

It was great to join this hike on such a glorious day that had such a cloudy start. I had great visits with several folks. Next time we'll have to add a few rocks to the packs of Suzanne G, Debra, and John B, who were so zippy on the trail, and might want a little extra burn on the up trail.

Here is a link to some photos along the way, on top, and at the finish.