Sat, Dec 14 2019 - Big Scaly Mountain Winter Backpack (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R, Mike Pawloski
Participants:Chuck R, Mike Pawloski, Kristi, Bob Bunner, Bill, Donna G, Niki, Scott Kozlowski, Michael Johnson, Fay

Write Up:
This day started out with northwest winds which followed us for most of the weekend. Also joining in was the fog that gave the trail a opaque amber adding in some looming snow. This probably contributed to a hiker that took a terrible spill on trail. The bleeding was finally reduced from the hikers bandanna and he immediately without hesitation persuaded the hike! We pitched camp when arriving at Case Knife Gap. Once we established - home the festivities began. A very talented group - this was not your ordinary campers. We were served wild boars meat, which I thought I heard it was harvested in the area. To my right there was sirloin steak which we washed down with the finest Elixirs! I looked to my side and I witnessed a camper scraping moss off a tree and putting it into his mug? He explained to me later. Oscar and Kody ( trail dogs) were well behaved almost like this was just another night out in the woods? The moon rose as the fire grew hotter and the band were striking some awesome tunes…. we found ourselves rocking and rolling to the music. Actually one of our campers rocked a little to much and rolled down the bank into the river. Two of the campers quickly retrieved him out and brought back up to camp. Campers note... some chairs are not recliners. He immediately stepped up to the fire to dry out. Camper’s notes...drying puffy jacket needs some good distance from fire! His 900 goose down fill was instantly reduced to a 300 fill! ( heat combustion). One camper said it looked like snow when it was carried by the winds. I personally think the birch wood put out to much heat. Which made the campers back further away from the pit! Oh well - all in all we had fun! I'm sure this will be passed down in campfire stories. Next day the Nantahala gave us an iconic sunrise with pinks and red hues on the face of Scaly. Oh Kristi, I hope you made the wish on that shooting star. Michael Johnson - I think you should have taken Scaly on for that moon light hike. We took a morning hike to Big Scaly and then headed back for Town. Bob we all hope you are doing well! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!