Sun, Nov 10 2019 - Fall Is beautiful time to be on Blood Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Victor, Joyce T.
Participants:Victor, Joyce T., Greg Walling, Helena F, Hugh Baker, Suzanne, Dave G, Tony Az, Jim, Mark W, Joe G, Marion

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Write Up:

The leaves along the road on our way to Lake Winfield Scott were radiantly colored . . . but still, the views from the mountain were not yet at peak. But that didn't detract from beauty of the blue skies, clean air, and cool temperatures during our hike up to the top of Blood Mountain.

Our pace was comfortable on the way up and pretty fast going down. Victor allowed everyone to set his/her own pace, thereby dividing the group into smaller groups of similar-speed hikers. I swept in the back to be sure no one got left behind, but there were no issues. The entire hike was free of trips, falls, and bloodshed. Even I made it through without a bruise!

By the time we got to the top of the mountain, the earlier daytime crowds had come and gone, so we had the top pretty much to ourselves during our lunch break.

On the return hike, we took the Slaughter Mountain Trail, affording us new scenery in the Blood Mountain Wilderness Area. ~ Joyce