Tue, Nov 19 2019 - Roswell’s Vickery Creek Covered Bridge & (optional) Nearby Mediterranean Lunch with $5.50 Wraps! & A Tasty Beverage! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ
Participants:Memphis Russ, Dave P, Dan R, Linda C, Val, Karen, Suzanne, mike hirschmann, Lyn S, Daniel M, Steve F, Shirley N, Suzanne, Tim, Norm Melton, Jeff Gimpel, John, Rachel B

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Write Up:

What a blessing?  Continually, showing up-1Great Blue Herron for 18 Trekkers!  What a fun 5 miles, through Vickery Creek's forest!  What used to be my 2nd favorite hike has become my 1st favorite hike.  Thank everyone for showing up on time, & the 7 accompanying me over to Samad's!

The photos are posted a little late, due to an evening power outage in my subdivision.  Go to the AOC web site and click on the left side of the home page (our writeup), More.  Then, click on the Photo's Icon & sign in to FB.  Tag yourself in a photo, if, you want it to show up on your FB home page.

Ya'll come back, real soon!