Tue, Dec 24 2019 - East Palisades - Indian Trail - Early Christmas Eve Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Rocky M, Sherrie G, Lyn S, Jorge S, Marie-Felixe D-McLetchie, Sharon, Lisa, Evy, Aaron Lee, Gary 'L', Marianna, James H., Claudia, Marie H, Tim

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Write Up:

With temperatures on Christmas Eve in the low 50’s and a with heavy cloud cover at the beginning of the hike and low 60’s and sunny at the end it was nice day for hiking. The trail was as muddy as might be expected having had about just under 2 inches of rain over the last three days. By the end of the hike you could see the sun starting to dry the trails. Even with the muddy conditions we completed out 6 miles in the scheduled amount of time.

A special thanks to our new members; Lisa on her first hike and Sharon on her third hike. Thanks to the rest of the group for making them feel part of our club.