Wed, Jan 1 2020 - Return of the Cheddarhead! New Years Day Trail-of-the-Hare Hike & Party (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Jim, Lisa W, Greg Walling, Stacey Johnson, Susan W, Charlie Cottingham, Tim W, Clay White, Elvi, Jerry K, Marie H, BethQ

Write Up:

A big high-five to our fun-loving AOC members who rang in our new decade in such an unusual and unforgettable way!  Hats off also to our friends in the Hash House Harriers for doing a bangup job hosting this adventurous annual social event and ensuring that the beloved 31-year annual tradition lives on!

The first afternoon of 2020 was ideal for the Cheddarhead - in the balmy 50s with a bright blue sky.  About 150 of us harriers, a.k.a "hashers," began by helping one another follow the tricky marked trail. The "hare's" white flour splotches, colored chalk arrows, etc. led us through an amazing variety of terrain and neighborhoods in SE Marietta.  The ~5-mile route included a healthy dose of off-trail "shiggy," i.e. briars, steep creek crossings, hip-deep rocky creek beds, and even wading underneath I-75 to its opposite side via a dark 250-foot underground tunnel.

Along the way we enjoyed three rowdy and much appreciated refreshment stops. At the last of these our hosts called us all to "Hash Attention" and oversaw the traditional "doing of down-downs" (trumped-up reasons to chug cups of beer while being sung to by dozens of other hashers)! - also the awarding of numerous door prizes including a few of the event's traditional Wisconsin-style "cheesy treats."

Conveniently this third and final stop was virtually at the trail's end in a secluded parking lot adjoining the "Red Hare Brewery."  After changing our socks & shoes(that had been delivered in our duffels) and putting on a warmer outer layer or two we strolled together to the Brewery.  Arriving there lots of delicious Mexican-style food, specialty craft beers, and more friendly socializing rewarded us for completing the trail of the Cheddarhead hare.  

"On-On," and a Happy New Year to all!  - posted by Dirty Limerick (a.k.a. Charlie), Thu AM Jan 2nd.

p.s.  Special thanks to Joe Blessing, Jean "Sani" Randolph and their Hash House Harrier "partners in crime" for the splendid job they did to ensure that the Cheddarhead lives on (with "a little less Cheddar but a lot more Head"!)

- Photo from a past "On-In" party in Primer & Service-my-Tool's back yard

  Cheddarhead Auld Lang Syne

- With added 1st Verse and final AH4 "Cheddarhead Chorus" verse by Dirty Limerick, 2017-18

 I'm wishing you a Happy New Year's Day
   With a hearty "Auld Lang Syne,"
Let's raise a glass to the good times past
   And a future oh so fine,
And as we celebrate the brand new year 
   We'll sing a song of cheer 
For the boundless blessings of the earth
   And loved ones far and near!

Traditional Chorus:
Should old acquaintance be forgot 
   And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot
   And days of Auld Lang Syne?
For Auld Lang Syne, my dear, 
   For Auld Lang Syne, 
We'll take a cup of kindness yet
   For Auld Lang Syne!

Special Cheddarhead Chorus:
Should old acquaintance be forgot  
   As we hash the Cheddarhead,
You bet there's never been a bash
   Where the guests were better fed!
So here's to all our cheesy hosts!
  - Let's yell a Green Bay cheer,
And chug a sudsy down-down toast
   To an awesome Hash House year!