Tue, Dec 31 2019 - Allenbrook, Vickery Creek and Roswell Boardwalk (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Rocky M, Linda H, Doug, Evy, Zvia S, Shirley N, Dan C, Bette, Claudia, Dan R, Linda C, DavidV, Holt Ward

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Write Up:

This last hike of 2019 combining visits to Allenbrook and Vickery Creek is a real treat in the winter when many hidden gems in the woods are revealed.  Our first stop after leaving Riverside Park in Roswell was the ruins of the Ivy Mill which was destroyed by Sherman's troops in 1864.  Next we headed over to the Allenbrook unit of CRNRA where we visited the cliffs from both below and above and briefly stopped at the Allenbrook house itself.  We took a quick divert to visit two junked cars left in the woods years ago.  

Next we headed over to the Vickery Creek CRNRA unit where we hiked a variety of trails.  We weaved through the unit until we reached the covered bridge where we took a quick break.  Then we descended to the creek level where we saw a Heron who is often posted in the creek shallows looking for dinner.  After one more climb to the ridge top, it was one last descent and back to the cars.  We ended up covering about 6.3 miles in a little over 2.5 hours. ~ Holt