Tue, Jan 7 2020 - Stoneplace and Inspiration Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Ann, Ralph Howard
Participants:Ann, Ralph Howard, Ken, Del Butler, Bonnie Bobbitt, Mary Beth, Prithayan, Leigh B, Tom B, Keith

Write Up:

Step 1:  Wait for rain whipping sideways to finish.

Step 2;  Stall on step 1, completing permits, bio break, and getting gear on for rain.

Step 3:  Walk out to vehicles, towards trailhead, stop at vehicles, take off rain gear and cold weather gear.

Step 4:  Begin hike - by going along High Blufff (yes there is an extra F - see pic on website) and miss the entrance to Stoneplace.

Step 5:  Stoneplace and enjoy - the grade both up and down to the lake is lovely.  Blue skies, puffy white clouds, smiling faces.

Step 6:  Finish the hike, smiles and laughter.