Tue, Jan 21 2020 - Boundary Waters Park Complete Tour (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D, Joyce T.
Participants:Allen D, Joyce T., Allan, Ryleigh Reinhard, Mary T, Bob S, Karen D, Bobby, Ann

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Write Up:

     What a crisp and clear day for a nice hike at an infrequently visited park. To warm up our fingers we all became "swingers" to drive blood flow to our finger tips, and open up the capilaries.  By the time we got to the far and high point of the red trail, we were quite toasty, and peeling the layers.  We kept a quick pace, moving at 3 mph between breaks, which were generally short.

     Allan harvested his 50 bonus points by spotting the Sentinel sycamore.  Good scouting off the footpath!  This park is graced with more sycamores than I've seen commonly, and I think there was an even bigger one near the covered bridge we crossed.  We didn't catch the dead red Oak which is 20' in circumference, or the hickory that has grown around a cherry, so that will have to be on our radar next time.  It was great to watch the forest transitions from upland mature hardwood, to floodplain, to pine forest, and meadow regrowth.

     Trails were passable, but still muddy a few days after the last rain.  The riverside and floodplain routes could use a little sculpting or fill.  

      Thanks to Joyce for all the great photos, the two cheerful mutts, and the eager 2-legged folks.  

             Allen And Joyce