Thu, Jan 16 2020 - Island Ford, Upper Lot Cruise* (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D
Participants:Allen D, Rocky M, John B, Bobby, Dr. Barbara, Claudia, Bonnie R, Dave S, Michael S, Tim

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Write Up:
Great Hike, Cruisers, What a glorious day on fresh washed trails, but boy, were they slippery—the most treacherous I’ve seen along the Chattahoochee. We made good time, and enjoyed the climbs and walking upstream past the rushing rapids. Shorts and T-Shirts — so nice. Thanks to Dave for great pace setting, and John helping out with the brushy blowdowns. Best wishes to Tim and his injured calf muscle—here’s to hoping for a quick recovery. Glad you joined us at North River Tavern, along with Bonnie and John. My thoughts are with Neil and Jennifer who couldn’t join us because of a family emergency, and they are OK. I’ll post another Island Ford Cruise or two next month. See you on the trails next time! Allen