Sat, Feb 1 2020 - Unicoi Gap to Tray Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Bob J, Anusha, Anu Seam, Jim, Sharon A, Linda F, Joseph Wang, Greg Pharo, Myra Kincaid

Write Up:
Everyone came fully prepared for this winter hike. The puffy's stayed on for much of the hike. We also had some hikers meeting Tray for the first time! The woods were quiet due to the fog. When the group topped Tray we were given a bonus - SNOW!! Still seeing some bear activities -no scat but some over turned stones just off the trail. Instead of taking the overlook for lunch the group decided to hit the shelter where we also cleaned up some left over trash from other hikers. The trail talk was very enjoyable with some periods of quiet time. We finished up the backside of Rocky, collected the rear and headed back for the parking lot. Congrats to Joey on his first D-5 . We missed Ken Simmons -hopefully he will get back on the trail soon. Would like to welcome back Sharon A to the club. Just a side note... our hopes and thoughts are out to Laura Moore for a speedy recovery.