Sat, Feb 22 2020 - West Palisades from Paces Mill (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Lyn S, Mike C, Gerrilyn, Ed, Ann Chastain, Zvia S, Rebecca W, Jennifer, Sue M., Aaron Lee, Jean, Anne P, Amy B

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Write Up:

With temperatures in the mid 30’s at the beginning of the hike and mid 40’s and a lot of something called sunshine for the whole hike, it was nice day for hiking. The trail was as muddy as might be expected having had just under 3 inches of rain over the last three days. However, none of knew what nature had in store for us. As we proceeded from point WP2 to WP5 we discovered that nature had raised the water level causing part of the trail to be submersed. At this point faced with the option of turning back or heading straight up, this fearless group of hikers voted to go straight up. As we approached the summit, we intercepted the trail and proceeded as planned. We stopped for a quick break at WP11. Planning to go on the short branch going north up the river we were forced to turn back due to the trail being flooded. I had planned to follow the river going through WP10 an WP7. In the distance you could see portions or the trail between these points flooded. Thus, we returned to the parking lot along the ridge.

A special thanks to our new members; Ann and Anne on their first hike and Rebecca on her fifth hike. Thanks to the rest of the group for making them feel part of our club.