Thu, Feb 13 2020 - Island Ford, Upper Lot Cruise* (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D
Participants:Allen D, Steve F, George Foote, mike hirschmann, Bonnie R, Wendell T, Sam Cohn

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Write Up:

Hi everyone, even the folks that couldn't join us...

       If you didn't come, you missed a nice hike. Remember, when thinking about a forecast, if in doubt, hike it out.

          Sorry the site was down Thursday morning.  The weather looked so wet, I likely would have cancelled.  Since I couldn't cancel, I showed up anyways, and we had a nearly dry event, except for a few streams running down the trails.  Their good design generally kept them pretty dry, except in the river floodplain, so we had a grand and delightful tour.

      It was great to join with the Joyce's group, and we had 14 in all, then about 4 D0's joined us at NRT. 

     Check out my fuzzy pics on the link, and Joyce's pics here: