Sat, Feb 15 2020 - Tour a Working Farm (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa
Participants:Lisa, Joyce T., Marty, Lynn, Andrew, Alicia, Melissa M, Steve F, Barbara, Jonny, Dave, john everly, Karley, Mary Reed, Dan Reed

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Write Up:

Nothing like a day on the farm to refresh our spirits! We enjoyed a leisurely guided tour around the pasture and learned about Asian water buffalo, Arabian camels, Katahdin sheep, llamas, and alpacas. We got to watch a working farm dog in action as she scared away a flock of geese and herded a buffalo up to the crowd for a close look. We learned about Camelus dromedarius (the one-humped camel) and got to pet their wooly coats. We sampled some delicious buffalo dip and smoked buffalo roast.

My favorite part was gazing at the adorable little newborn lambs. And I'm looking forward to enjoying some of the tasty, organic, natural grass-fed meat and bone broth that I brought home! 

Click the album (above right) to see some of my photos from our day. Also, you can find many more photos (warm thanks to Joyce Taaffe) of our adventure here: