Sun, Feb 9 2020 - Sunday Morning -Sope Creek to Interstate North- - Starting at Sope Creek Elementary School (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Rocky M, Claudia, Linda H, Elena L, Teo, Mtn Mike, Lisa, Lucia B., Naomi, Michelle D, Allan, Shyamala, Sharon, Jorge S, Lidia, Sherrie G, Rita

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Write Up:

The morning dawned foggy and damp. The muddy earth squished beneath our boots as we left the street noises behind and entered the woods. A hawk greeted us, welcoming us with open wings as we began our visit to her neighborhood. Up and down we roamed, traversing terrain both rocky and slippery. Over and under we climbed and crawled across the many downed trees and limbs.

A great blue heron noted our passage with quiet acceptance. We paused to admire the pond, bright as a jewel, shimmering in the sunlight which had gradually revealed itself as the fog dissipated. Conversation ebbed and flowed with the hills and valleys, punctuated with laughter bubbling up from the happy hikers. We stopped for a moment of reverence at the base of the enormous double-trunked tree towering up into the now-blue sky.

We emerged from the woods just a little bit transformed from when we entered. Our communion with nature this Sunday morning was restorative. We offer a hearty welcome to our brand new members, Lucia and Rita, on their very first AOC event. Fare-thee-well to all who joined us, until next time.