Fri, Mar 6 2020 - Roswells Vickery Creek Covered Bridge & (optional) Nearby Mediterranean Lunch with $5.50 Wraps! & A Tasty Beverage! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Memphis Russ, Dan R, Daniel M, Casey, mike hirschmann, sandyguy, Becky D, Jennifer W, Neil, Larry S, Joyce T., Axel, DavidV, SusanF, Bill C, Alicia, Dave P, Bette, Suzanne, Warren

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Write Up:

Everyone on today's hike was so grateful for the beautifully sunny, cool, dry weather we had for our outing. Evidence of the many past days of rain could be seen on the trails (mud), but especially in the swollen creek and raging waterfall at the dam. Some trails were impassable due to flooding.

We greeted a few newbies to the AOC - - always one of our favorite things to do. We hope to see Axel, Buck, and Alicia often on future event!

Lunch at Samad's after the hike brought 16 or so members together to further celebrate our oouting. ~ Joyce

Wow!  I love the photos, Our Joyce took!  I don't know how she can sweep & take great photos at the same time .  She is just another Amazing woman!
Remember, if you want a photo-you're in-to show up on your Facebook page, tag yourself.....  
Ya'll Come back real soon!
Joyce & Russ