Sun, Mar 8 2020 - Sunday Afternoon Hike at Vickery Creek - Starting at Groveway Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Dan R, Linda C, Sue M., John B, Becky D, Claudia, regina k, Tracy, Rocky M, Val, Dave S, Robin B, Karley, Bette, Toni

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Write Up:

We all greatly appreciated the beautiul sunshine we were given today. Thanks to two days of dry, sunny weather the trails had dried up, allowing us to to keep our boots dry throughout the hike. It was an extra special hike, because we celebrated John Bordonalit's 200th AOC event today!

Sadly, the gravel road from the Oxbo parking lot up to Sloan Street (or from Sloan Street down to the Oxbo parking lot) is no longer available. Construction of the new homes has completely removed any means of getting through. Ah . . . the downside of development. Our group had to detour to Atlanta Rd. and then onto Oxbo Road to be able to get back fto Groveway Park. Another change to be noted is the new name for Dodd Road., the road Groveway Park is on. It's now Frank Lewis Road. The world is a'changin'. ~ Joyce