Wed, Jun 10 2020 - East Palisades Clockwise Loop Hike (Whitewater Creek Entrance). (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Gerrilyn, John B, Joyce T., Gary 'L', Ryleigh Reinhard, Neil, Lyn S

Write Up:
We had a hike that was similar to a sauna: a good way of sweating the toxins out of the body! The Hooch gave us permission to hike on the banks of the trail... we give her our thanks. We are all thankful to get out there and get started up again. I had the pleasure of Joyce T showing me some of the connector trails and shared some great stories! Ummmm! Yes - the Wildlife count, John B spotted a Turtle, we saw a deer, Gray Heron and some nasty little Horse Flys that attacked Lyn and Gernlyn. Let's keep the hydration going and the food calories on these hikes.