Sat, Jun 20 2020 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow, Red and White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Jorge S, Agnes, David W., John B, Jason O, Jon Duresky, Mark P, Shana, Mary Reed

Write Up:
Spring gave us a nice farewell with low temps for the last time and now we welcome summer! For all hikers this is a game changer... slower pace, frequent stops for hydration and snacks. Bringing your Meds for the bugs is a must! This has been a very nice spring! It was a smooth hike - I think I'm gonna take out the Red Trail on my future events. This trail is too technical for my hikers - risk is very high for an ankle turned. This event always delivers a challenging hike for the D3 and D4 hikers. The East side is my favorite for the undulating topography! The V/C was still closed but bathrooms are open on the top northern end of parking lot. Just got news, the Kennesaw V/C bathrooms are open; see things are getting better!!! Now get off that couch and HIKE!