Sat, Jun 27 2020 - All Trails Lead to Blood Mountain . No Carpool! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Jennifer Miles, Christa, Brian, Jim Barker, Audra L, Steve T, Virginia F, Jason O

Write Up:
The Sahara Desert in the Blue Ridge Mountains??? We sure got a pretty good surprise on Saturday!! The views were stifled by dust.... I should have brought my Shemah scarf! We did all the gaps and trails that was expected for this hike. Surprisingly the Freeman trail started to get pretty busy towards Flat rock. The East face of Blood still claims its fame in climbs and the people. Leading the front usually involves breaking the trail for spider webbing and kicking the snakes to the side. Instead, I had to switch hats and become a trail traffic patroller. Ha Ha !!! The highlights were lunch at Mountain Crossing on the patio look out. Some hikers went shopping, while I was debating on getting a pizza for the group? We stopped and picked out our favorite shoe from the tree of shoes. Jennifer found a great find... in door bathrooms, it's in the trail tunnel. We had a really good finish on the return of Slaughter Creek Trail. Did a little Trail gating after the hike, (I call that my group debriefing). Highway 60 was a beautiful drive around Suches and Wolf Pen Gap store. Stopped in and gave them some business. Took the drive home yawning ( missing Carpool ). Would like to welcome a newcomer Audra L - a fantastic hiker! Everyone is doing a great job on finding the Trailhead and being on time.