Sun, Jun 21 2020 - Garland Mountain-Northwest Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Richard A. Zalik
Participants:Richard A. Zalik, Joyce T., Miriam Milovan, Claudia, Rocky M, Gerrilyn, Becky D, Gary 'L', Dave F, Tom

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Write Up:

The trails in this beautiful park are all named after breeds of horses. Riders/hikers can cover over 19 miles on the trails, with more trails being developed. Today, we covered over 7 miles on the Palomino, Pinto, Dapple, Chestnut, and Sorrel trails (plus the connecting Greenway trails).

The trails are wide so that hikers can avoid the huge patches of poison ivy bordering the trails. Thanks to a couple of sunny days, the trails were very dry, with only a few small puddles to avoid. We all brought lunches with us so that we could take a break for lunch before finishing the .7 mile ascent up the Sorrel Trail to the parking lot. ~ Joyce