Fri, Jun 19 2020 - Friday Afternoon at Sope Creek starting at Sope Creek Elementary School (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Anu Seam, Sue M., Michelle D, Gary 'L', Bette, Gerrilyn, Alice G, AmyEvans

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Write Up:

We finally made it happen! Anu has been trying for a long time to arrange for her 100th AOC event to be on one of my hikes so she could be properly recognized for her milestone achievement - - and today we did the hike! The weather cooperated (thanks to Gary's lucky umbrella) despite the rumbles of thunder that accompanied our hike for almost an hour. 

We got to see a rare sight. Two large rat snakes copulating next to the trail. And Bette spotted one of the largest mushrooms any of us had ever seen - - growing from the trunk of a pine tree. 

Congratulations on your 100th, Anu! ~ Joyce