Sat, Apr 24 2004 - Hiking the Wagon Train Trail from Brasstown Bald Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Don Norton (Chicken Feathers)
Participants:Don Norton (Chicken Feathers), Lanier, Marnette Bowen, Amy Bixler

Write Up:
There were 4 hikers on the trail, and we all agreed that we had a great hike. We had a long day, we started at 10:30am and completed the hike (back to our car) at 6:30pm. The bike race put a big twist on the hike. We were suppose to start at BrassTown Bald and hike down about 7 miles. Since that was where the bicycle race would end no cars were allowed to the top. We had a hearty bunch of hikers that would not let the bike race interfer with us, so we hiked from Young Harris College Up the trail 7 miles and had lunch. Then we watched the finish of the bike race (we even got to see Lance Armstrong) and then hiked down. One of the hikers which will remain nameless hurt her knee and a team hiker volunteered to take her pack (thanks Marnette). So in all we hiked 14 miles in one day, not bad.
Written By: Don Norton
Photos From: None