Sun, Jul 26 2020 - Late July at Gold Branch (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Marianna, Joyce T., Luz Maria, Lee W, Shirley W, Jan T, Rebecca W

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Write Up:

By starting early, we were all able to get parking spaces and hike while it was still cooler. We were able to finish the hike as the park was starting to get very crowed. We had a great group today and were able to enjoy the both the beaty of the river and the park.

Look at the pictures that Joyce and I took. By hiking Gold Branch in a counterclockwise direction, we were hiking into the sun, yet we still were able to get some great pictures of Gold Branch. A note on two on my pictures. The second picture of the greenish water while not the greatest picture has an effect that I like and cannot tell you why. The picture with the sun between the branches of the tree and the grass lets you look into the water as thought you are looking at a submerged forest.



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