Sat, Jul 11 2020 - Sweetwater W-O-Y Ramble (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D
Participants:Allen D, Allan, Sherrie G, Bunnie, Val, Carolyn Naser, Mark K, Anna, Jennifer W

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Write Up:

Hi Everyone,

         Thanks for your great spirits and steady pace on a hot day, and welcome to Anna on her first AOC Event. With the heat, I bet she'll be kayaking with the club as well.  Thanks for your eagerness to try Allan's routes and hills to avoid the ledges and crowds of the Red Trail.

     We skipped some of the classic views that you can share with friends on more liesurely hikes. We DID visit the somber unmarked stones of the New Manchester cemetery, but not the Quarry down river on the Brown Trail, or other secret areas that Allan knows about.  More treasures for a fall exploration day. Stay tuned. 

      Congratulations to Val on completing her first D4.  You did it in fine style.  It was a tough day for Chase in the heat, and he was patient and a good sport.  When the weather cools down he'll be back on track.  Life is tough if Nature took away your sweat glands.

        Be sure to check out our action photos, expecially the gorgeous snake that Bunnie captured.

        See you next time,