Thu, Jul 30 2020 - Vickery Creek Quick Step v5.5 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:William S., Olesja, Lesleyfit, Tony O, Mary Kay, John, John Gaskin, Horhay, Chris H

Write Up:

NO SHOWS - An AOC No-No! While my waitlist was depleted this evening we had 10 on the books for the start. Everyone was on the ball and at the lot well before roll out...except one. Usually not a big deal in other clubs/organizations - it's a big one for AOC. This member is a newer member and may not know the protocol - so let this be your warning. If you cannot make it to your event text the TL,  call your TL…our ph#'s are on the event sign up page...can’t text...use the automated event reply you get from registration to click the email link for your TL...they'll thank you, maybe not to your face - but we'll know you're not face down in a ditch. Plus, if you properly withdraw from an event others can sign up. We had another new member see that we had 9 people signed up with 30mins to event start, he text me, signed up and was there on time!
In other conditions/situations that may have kept an able bodied member from being able to sign be considerate to fellow members and TL's we do this for YOU!
p.s. I called and emailed a member that was a no show...still no reply. I will continue until I hear back. Sorry, but you'll still be getting the no-show from me.
p.s.s. having a No-Show on your AOC resume keeps you from a variety of opportunities within the AOC