Wed, Aug 12 2020 - Kennesaw Mountain Loop from the Burnt Hickory Side ( 1 pass ) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Joyce T., John B, Mary Reed, DavidV, Agnes, Gary 'L', Dave S

Write Up:
BEAR EVIDENCE!! Yes the Northside gang are Mountain climbers! One pass was all we needed for this hike - the event was getting close to a D-4 in elevation gain when we got off the Mountain. The hike soon turned to flat landing, picking up the pace a bit; still keeping Tail gunner in sight. Plenty of stops to collect the rear so we always had a tight line. The field was just bush hogged - the Tractor was still out there! Getting back to bear evidence - as we topped Pigeon Hill on trail was a plug of black fur. I've seen bear scraping before where the fur is left on a tree. This looked like it got into some trouble whether a dog, coyote or just stressed out. The young males will travel up to a 100 miles looking for new territory. They use Creek and Rivers for travel! We also solved the mystery of the suspending tree. Saw some nice views - Northwest from the climb but you have to look up sometimes. Acorns are starting to fall which means a dry Winter and the bears will soon start hyperphagia, so hang the food cache. Joyce took a photo of bear evidence!!